september 8, 2020

dear lawrenceville community,

the fall term is nearly upon us and we are continuing our preparations to welcome lawrentians back to campus for a year of harkness, house, and heart. we hope you share our optimism and eagerness as we gather our community together, even with important campus modifications, as we seek the best for all. we believe that a lawrenceville education is best delivered when we engage in person, and when we have an opportunity to build upon the connections that are so important for students and faculty alike.

the relaunch task force, in collaboration with a leading environmental health and engineering firm and in alignment with the centers for disease control and prevention and the state of new jersey, has greatly advanced the work outlined in my july 31 email. much of this progress was shared in the reopening webinars on august 19 and 21; if you were unable to attend, you can view the recordings here.

today, i want to provide clarity on some of our arrival procedures while reassuring you that we are invested in making this a successful transition to campus. i also want to share some good news: we administered 445 tests between august 20 and september 4 for faculty and staff who are on campus, and all results received from the lab have been negative for covid-19. additional details on our testing program — and expectations for helping our community remain healthy — are below.

as we forge ahead in uncertain times, may we find strength and inspiration in our collective efforts, and in our lawrenceville virtues of integrity, selflessness, patience, and discipline. while weeks past and future test our resolve, i have no doubt that our community will rise to the challenge, and will be better for it. thank you for your continued support.


stephen s. murray h’54 ’55 ’65 ’16 p’16 ’21
the shelby cullom davis ’26 head of school

information for international families

list of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • what if i can’t get my visa or there are travel restrictions that prevent me from getting to campus?

    students who are unable to return to campus for the beginning of the academic year may start the year remotely and make plans to return to campus as soon as they are able. families should not make any travel plans that cannot be changed or canceled. we strongly encourage families to consider purchasing travel insurance. 
  • what resources addressing travel restrictions and visa appointments are available?

    we understand that the closure of u.s. consulates presents an uncertain situation for many of our families. we will continue to monitor the situation and provide as much information as possible in working with our international families. in the meantime, we recommend families regularly review these two websites:

    1. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines:
    for the cdc guidance, the secretary of health and human services will advise on whether the restrictions continue, change or end on the 1st and 15th of every month, or as needed. Information about travel restrictions can be found on the CDC website >

    2. u.s. department of state (dos) visa services:
    for continued information regarding visa appointments in your country, please review this webpage for more information >

    the u.s. department of state currently states the following in regards to visa appointments per their july 14, 2020 communication.

    “we are unable to provide a specific date for when each mission will resume specific visa services, or when each mission will return to processing at pre-covid workload levels.  see each individual u.s. embassy or consulate’s website for information regarding operating status and which services it is currently offering.”

    “all of our missions are continuing to provide emergency and mission-critical visa services.  as post-specific conditions permit, our missions will phase in processing some routine nonimmigrant and immigrant visa cases, for example: travelers with urgent travel needs; students (f-1, m-1, and certain j-1); and some family members of u.s. citizens consistent with presidential proclamation 10014.  we expect the volume and type of visa cases each post will process to depend on local circumstances.  an embassy or consulate will resume adjudicating all routine nonimmigrant and immigrant visa cases only when adequate resources are available and it is safe to do so.”

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please direct your questions to a member of our school community:
health and wellness

bruce kraut, director of medical services
moving in and residential life

blake eldridge, dean of students

david laws, dean of academics
athletics and co-curriculars

tripp welborne, dean of athletics and co-curricular education
campus enhancements

pete devine, chief operations officer
remote learning option

yangyang daniell, chinese language coordinator, international student advisor, and faculty interviewer

dana brown, senior associate dean of admission and coordinator of international recruitment

returning to campus

arrival dates

in an effort to reduce the potential spread of covid-19 and ensure compliance with state of new jersey government policies regarding travel, the school has instituted a plan for students arriving on campus. this plan requires staggered entry to campus and efficient but socially distanced testing and move-in.

  • september 10: student leaders (student council, diversity council, honor council, and prefects)
  • september 25 and 26: day students and boarding students driving from states not identified in the n.j. travel advisory

Click on the map shown here to see the path for arrival >>


we recognize that both new and returning students will have a lot to learn as they return to campus this year. we will use zoom and other platforms for much of our community and house orientation work before we all convene on campus. these programs will include both whole community experiences as well as smaller gatherings by form, house, or group tailored to meet your child’s needs for a smooth opening. introductory house and residence meetings will begin in the coming days, and the heads of house will reach out to their house rosters with zoom invitations. a complete orientation schedule will be provided to families, and will balance community programming with a (re)introduction to campus, including classrooms, dining protocols, and mask and hygiene practices. new students to the school will get a campus orientation, including a tour and a meeting with the deans and head of school, on sunday, september 27

moving in

when students arrive on campus, they will proceed to the ice rink parking lot by the field house to take their first on-campus covid-19 test and to sign the best for all agreement

after testing, students will proceed to their house and be greeted by the head of house and assistant head of house. one parent will be allowed to help the student move in; a face mask that fits snugly around the nose and chin, as well as gloves, will be required.

at the house, every student will receive a key fob to access the newly installed electronic locks; a pom reader for contact tracing; and a big red clean bag with sanitizing wipes, face masks, and hand sanitizer.

in an effort to limit the spread of covid-19, inter-room visitations will not be permitted for the entirety of the fall term. students will be assigned sinks and toilets. 

international students and students arriving from states identified in the n.j. travel advisory, as well as those arriving by airplane, will complete a 14-day quarantine after arriving on campus september 11 and 12. during this period:

  • students will receive and eat meals from sustainable fare in their house. they will be able to eat in their rooms or socially distanced outside, either on the porches or beneath tents. we are working to provide a variety of meals to meet dietary needs.

  • supervised outdoor time will be socially distanced with masks, but inter-house and inter-room visitations will not be permitted. 

  • students will be introduced to the head of house and prefects, review the covid-19 rules and expectations for the campus and the house, and review the student handbook. games and activities will take place to provide connection to one another and to the community. 

  • after students’ third negative test on campus, grab-n-go meal options and there will be additional opportunities for movement throughout campus.

domestic students and students arriving from non-hot spot states will complete 14 days of covid-cautious practices before arriving for move-in september 25 and 26. during this time:

  • we will continue with afternoon meetings, summer reading discussions, and diversity and inclusion efforts.

please bring only the essentials for the fall term. a packing list and additional details were provided by dean eldridge in an august 20 email.

day students
we want to make sure that everyone has a dedicated space for study, and also a space where they can transition into play. day students will have personal spots in the bunn library and the kirby arts center where they will be able to store belongings and zoom into classes when they will not be in-person. they will also have locker areas in the field house.


classes will commence for all students as scheduled on september 14 using our hybrid daily schedule. please note that all students will participate by zoom for classes during the first two weeks, regardless of their mode of attendance or location. all on-campus students will begin in person classes on october 1.

transition to in-person life on campus

it is essential that we all follow strict public health best practices to ensure that we minimize any possible spread of covid-19.

  • all students and members of the school community are expected to be diligent in leading a covid-cautious lifestyle for the 14 days preceding their return to campus. covid-cautious includes strict social distancing, consistent mask-wearing when not at home, avoiding unnecessary travel, and refraining from indoor social gatherings. 
  • all students and members of the school community, regardless of their arrival date, must arrive on campus with a negative covid-19 test and be symptom-free. more details of this requirement are available in the health and wellness section below. 
  • those arriving from overseas or from states identified in the n.j. travel advisory must comply with the state’s 14-day quarantine protocol. throughout the on-campus 14-day quarantine period, they will be supervised and supported by faculty on campus, be served by campus dining, adhere to our best for all agreement, and engage in zoom classes starting september 14.
  • in addition, we require all students traveling by airplane, regardless of where they are flying from, to complete this quarantine period. 
  • all students and members of the school community will be educated on testing, social distancing, meal service, restroom cohorting, and sanitizing practices prior to their arrival on campus, with follow-up upon arrival.

co-curricular activities


on july 31, we announced our decision to cancel interscholastic competition for the fall term, due to risks associated with covid-19. this decision was made after careful consideration for our community, examination of plans for fall competitive athletics by the ivy league and nescac schools, and collaboration with peer boarding schools. interscholastic teams will continue to practice and train on campus.

lawrenceville will provide students with the opportunity to engage and participate on campus in a robust athletic and co-curricular program that will include skills and drills training, strength and conditioning, intramural activities, lifetime and recreational activities, and general fitness activities. 
we will be modifying the athletic sessions to meet student demand for more on campus instruction and training across several seasons/sports. this is something that the esa ad's have discussed throughout the summer and most are now making very similar schedule modifications for the fall.
as a training alternative, there will be an opportunity for students to participate in out-of-season training two days a week on campus (wednesday, saturday). these training sessions are optional and will be supervised by the sport-specific coaching staff. although this may not completely fill the void of club practices or tournaments, it does allow for specialized training during the week. this off-season sport training option is additive and does not replace students’ fall co-curricular obligation, which is 3 or 4 days per week depending on the activity. this 4-2 co-curricular and off-season training model will keep the integrity of fall term athletics while allowing students to pursue other sports of interest while providing the necessary spacing for multi-use sport facilities and staffing:

fall interscholastic
4 days, mandatory participation - fulfills co-curricular requirement
mon, tues, thurs, fri (90 mins max)

fall lifetime / house
3 days, mandatory participation - fulfills co-curricular requirement
mon, tues, thurs (75 min max)

winter / spring off-season interscholastic
2 days, optional participation
wed, sat (90 mins max)

performing arts

performing arts are a vital part of lawrenceville life, both for our artists and their audiences. we are committed to providing the best possible performing arts program experience possible given the social distancing restraints.
the clark music center will be offline this fall. students will practice in their rooms and private music instruction will take place via zoom. students who have their instruments stored in clark will be contacted to arrange a time for pickup. we are devising a plan for our pianists and percussionists who need school equipment to practice.
rather than a musical this full, lawrenceville will host a fully staged dramatic production. dance classes, lawrentians, orchestra, and jazz band, will continue this fall, either in-person or via zoom depending on the activity. as we look ahead to the winter, mr. cuthrell is already working with the periwig council to prepare for winterfest. 

community service

community service remains an essential component to every lawrentians’s co-curricular education. we will continue to offer and encourage enriching weekly and full-term service learning project experiences, most of which will be virtual for the fall term. orientation and reflection will be enhanced to include a social justice component.

religious life

religious life is gearing up to support our students and school community through this challenging year ahead. there will be worship services (most likely outdoors), including catholic mass, shabbat, episcopal holy communion, mindfulness meditation with music, buddhist meditation, a celebration of diwali, and jummah prayers. in addition we will continue discussion groups for our sikh students, the orthodox christians, focus, and fellowship of christian athletes. this is a continued effort to promote and support student exploration in religious life, diversity, and contemplation as we strive to provide myriad opportunities to learn and grow religiously and spiritually.

club and other off-campus activities

All students participating in Lawrenceville in person on-campus, whether boarding or day, will be expected to adhere to School social distancing protocols and policies and therefore will not be permitted to participate in non-Lawrenceville-sponsored activities off-campus. This includes playing on club/travel teams, attending dance and music classes, participating in choir ensembles and voice lessons, or engaging in other organized non-Lawrenceville group or private training activities. given how important this policy is to keeping our community open, we are also requiring faculty and staff to adhere to these protocols. If a student wishes to continue to pursue participation in off-campus activities, please see the remote learning option and Enrollment section (under Academic & residential life below) for Fall Term and full-year residential status change options.
attending off-campus events may require students to quarantine for two weeks and test negative for covid-19 twice before coming back to campus. please plan accordingly and discuss all details with the dean of students office

Health & wellness

ongoing surveillance testing program

ongoing surveillance testing for covid-19 is a key element to our reopening plan. we have contracted with a major leading lab with significant experience providing reliable covid-19 surveillance testing. they are working with large employers, colleges and universities, and other boarding schools. they will provide regular frequent surveillance testing for our entire community. we are also securing backup capacity as well.

our testing program will include three components:

  • every student is required to arrive with a negative covid-19 test and be symptom free.
  • if students have been identified as having a domestic address in the two weeks prior to arrival, they received a communication from the health and wellness center with instructions on how to fulfill the pre-arrival test requirement using the vault test. students who are arriving to campus september 10-12 should have ordered their vault pre-arrival test by august 31 and will conduct a two-week quarantine upon arrival, which builds on their covid-cautious practices over the prior two weeks. those who are arriving on campus september 25 and 26 must order their vault test by september 10. we recommend that those completing the vault test submit it to the lab, using the provided instructions, 5-10 days before their anticipated arrival.
  • international students should obtain a pcr test in their home country as close as possible prior to their departure, but within enough time that they have the result in-hand when they arrive at lawrenceville.
  • in the early weeks after arrival, and for some degree of time thereafter, we will be performing frequent testing; every student, every faculty member, every staff member who is going to be on campus will be tested every 3-4 days to help be sure we are picking up on any outcroppings of asymptomatic virus carriers.
  • this will allow us to very quickly use our contact tracing tools to identify those individuals who may be carrying the virus and to identify those individuals with whom that person may have been in contact, so we can implement our isolation and quarantine procedures.
  • this testing for students will be done with a self-performed swab of the nose. it will begin on the day of arrival and will be repeated for cohorts on campus on a roughly twice per week basis.
  • once we are satisfied that both the prevalence of virus both on campus and in our region allows us to relax that testing frequency, we will then potentially reduce the frequency to weekly through the rest of the term. we remain committed and flexible so we can maintain our testing frequency, increase our testing frequency, or reduce it as the scientific data suggests and as our collaboration with health experts within the state of new jersey and the cdc dictate.

point of care
  • point of care testing is for those students who are symptomatic.
  • every morning when your child wakes up, they will be completing a symptom tracking app. this app will ask straightforward questions about how he or she feels. the student will take his or her temperature and go through a checklist of symptoms that are consistent with the onset of covid-19.
  • this app will alert our health center staff and the student if further evaluation is needed. we will then arrange with the student, first by virtual contact, to come to the health center to be evaluated.
  • if the test shows positive, it is highly likely that this student has covid-19. out of extreme caution, if it says negative but we still think the symptoms are consistent with covid-19, we will then perform the pcr test and send it to a lab.
  • over the 24 hours or so that it takes to get those results back, we will keep that child isolated in our infirmary or our annex rooms.
  • point of care will help us to triage expeditiously those students who appear ill, and it will help us to distinguish potential illnesses.
  • at every stage of testing, parents will be notified. we value and need collaboration with you, the parents, to make this a successful fall term for all of us.


We will require daily symptom reporting by students, faculty, and staff using a symptom tracking app. Point-of-Care testing of symptomatic students will occur in the Health & wellness Center using our Quidel Sofia antigen-detecting machines, which can deliver results within 15 minutes.

contact tracing

our health and wellness center providers, along with supporting staff and faculty, have obtained training and state certification in contact tracing. in coordination with local officials, they will act to identify those who may have been exposed to the virus and work to contain the spread of infection.

contact tracing will be done using the pom reader; every community member, as well as frequent visitors to campus, will receive and be expected to wear this device. this system gives the school the ability to quickly and accurately identify community members who have been in close contact (defined by the state of new jersey as within six feet for 10 consecutive minutes) with someone who has a suspected or diagnosed case of covid-19. the system only records proximity and duration of contact among community members. it does not track location, movement, or other sensitive data. 

the school is collecting pom reader results daily. if it is determined that a student has been in contact with someone who has a suspected or diagnosed case of covid-19, they will be contacted by the health and wellness center. the school has dedicated isolation rooms for those who have suspected or confirmed cases of covid-19.

Click here for pom reader faqs >>

Reporting & Notification

online dashboard
the school is committed to keeping our community informed. we have developed an online reporting dashboard to provide data regarding our surveillance testing and other key indicators. information currently available includes the number of tests completed and the percentage of positive results. you can access this report here. the dashboard will be updated regularly as new data are received and processed.

the community was notified via email on september 13, 2020 of the school's first positive test result for covid-19. per our notification process detailed in the september 8 letter from head of school stephen s. murray, subsequent cases will be communicated through this reporting dashboard.

we are committed to promptly notifying parents, students, faculty, and staff of positive cases. parents will be notified if their child tests positive or is identified as a contact of someone who has tested positive. parents will also be notified if someone in their child's house tests positive, even if their child has not come into close contact with this individual.

additionally, we will be sending a weekly email beginning the week of september 28 to confirm that we have received the latest covid-19 test results from the prior week’s test dates. when community members receive this email, they can rest assured that their test was negative - unless they received a prior phone call alerting them to a positive or inconclusive test result.

please note that we cannot reveal the identity of the individual who tests positive, or of those who were in contact with the individual. members of the dean of students office, the health and wellness center, and limited other school offices may need to be informed of individuals who are in quarantine or isolation to help ensure adequate support, to protect the community, and to prevent further spread of covid-19. lawrenceville must also report positive results to local public health authorities, consistent with applicable laws and guidance.

students who test positive
parents will be notified as soon as possible if their child tests positive for covid-19. students who test positive will be contacted by the health and wellness center and will be moved immediately to isolation. boarding students will have access to their prepared overnight bag to provide comfort and support. students who live within driving distance and who reside in states that are not on the n.j. travel advisory list will be asked to isolate at home. parents of these students will be called to pick up their child; we ask that students travel by car and are driven directly home to isolate under strict covid-cautious conditions for 14 days. so long as they are well enough to do so, these students will zoom into their classes. a follow up communication to the student and their parents/guardians from the health and wellness center will outline specific steps to be taken following a positive covid-19 result.

students who are identified as close contact
students who are identified during contact tracing will be contacted by the health and wellness center and will be tested for covid-19.
  • if the test is negative, they will quarantine in their room (or at home if a day student) for 14 days after the exposure to the confirmed case.
  • if the test is positive, whether the individual is asymptomatic or not, they will be moved to isolation. day students and those who live in a state that is not on the n.j. travel advisory will be expected to isolate at home.

students are expected to engage in classes and activities remotely during this time, so long as they are able.

please note that members of the dean of students office, the health and wellness center, and limited other school offices may need to be informed of individuals who are in quarantine or isolation to help ensure adequate support, to protect the community, and to prevent further spread of covid-19. lawrenceville must also report positive results to local public health authorities, consistent with applicable laws and guidance.

Health & wellness Center

several enhancements have been made to our health and wellness center to ensure we can meet the needs of the community.

we are augmenting our health and wellness staff with three full-time nurses and additional per diem nurses to cover the potential increased number of students needing care.

we have more than tripled the number of inpatient rooms at our health and wellness center by acquiring trailers that have 20 rooms, each with its own bathroom and separate ventilation. 

in case of illness
as previously communicated, we have plans in place for both quarantine and isolation if community members become ill.

quarantine refers to separating students who have been exposed to the virus but have not developed symptoms. these students will be required to quarantine themselves for 14 days in their single room (under the supervision of our medical personnel) or, preferably, at home. they will participate in classes remotely.

isolation refers to separating students who test positive for the virus. these students will be encouraged to return home, if it is within driving distance. for those who cannot return home, they will be housed in the isolation rooms in modular spaces adjacent to the health and wellness center or, if significantly ill, transferred to the hospital. if their health permits, they will participate in classes remotely.

infrastructure enhancements

the school has invested in state-of-the-art hygiene enhancements and instituted myriad health and safety protocols. just a few of these include:

  • high efficiency particulate air (hepa) filter air units in classrooms, bathrooms, offices, and other spaces
  • merv 13 filters in all building mechanical air-handling systems
  • touchless bathroom toilets and sinks
  • plexiglass shields in high-contact areas
  • tents to facilitate socially distanced gatherings and outdoor performances
  • keyless locks on dorm rooms
  • personal protective equipment (ppe) for all faculty, staff, and students
  • more stringent cleaning protocols and careful training of housekeeping and custodial staff
  • cleaning product “go” bags for students
  • touchless hand sanitizing stations

covid-conscious practices and best for all agreement

a prudent reopening strategy, coupled with cooperation from all members of our community, will not only support the viability of the upcoming academic year, but also the continued vitality of the school. to succeed, we must all adopt a disciplined mindset of shared responsibility for reducing the potential for contagion on campus.

we expect our community to exhibit covid-cautious behaviors for the 14 days before arriving on campus, as outlined in this august 31 email from dr. kraut, and to adhere to our best for all agreement, a social contract that outlines our expectations of ourselves and of each other, and that signifies our collective commitment to a new mode of community life.

additionally, we expect all community members to wear a mask that fits snugly on the face, covering the nose and mouth. students may remove their masks when alone in their room, when outdoors and socially distanced (at least six feet from others), and when eating and socially distanced (at least six feet from others). please note that during the student quarantine period, face masks must be worn outdoors, even when social distancing is possible. you can review our face coverings policy here.

Social & Emotional Support

counseling and psychological services

lawrenceville’s counseling and psychological services staff will support students as they manage the unusual and challenging demands of this unique time and situation. our counselors  remain committed to developing and maintaining culturally relevant services that support the health and well-being of all students.

in august, parents  and students received a survey to help shape the fall term support that is needed most by the community. much of this feedback will be implemented over the coming weeks, and other ideas considered over the months ahead:
  • zoom meeting for freshmen and new students
  • speaking specifically to v form students and providing them with coping skills during the college application process
  • creating a regular screening questionnaire/checklist
  • sending confidential surveys to assess how students are coping and feeling
  • providing coping suggestions and resources
  • providing advisors and house teams “early warning signs” or “red flags” for quickly identifying students who may be having a difficult time
  • specific procedures for coping with social restrictions and quarantine
  • small group wellness check-ins in student houses
  • hosting online information sessions on topics related to pressures students are experiencing
  • addressing specific needs from students from different time zones

for tips on fostering independence and communication with your child, as well as other important information around our counseling plans, please review the letter from director of counseling and psychological services dr. apple.

academics & residential life


in order to accommodate proper social distancing once we begin in-person instruction, a typical classroom will be limited to seven students and one teacher. the remaining students will join the class via zoom, and will be able to see and interact with those in the classroom by means of a special 360-degree camera. over the course of the week, classes will alternate who is in person and who is zooming such that students who are not fully remote will be zooming for no more than half of their classes. day students and those living in the hilton garden inn will each have a dedicated personal space on campus for their scheduled zoom class attendance so they will be able to participate in campus life while also helping to balance class room occupancies during the academic day.

remote learning option & Enrollment

we will be offering families an opportunity to enroll in our remote learning option (rlo) as an alternative to participating in person. please note that the rlo means students will participate in all aspects of academic and campus life entirely remotely. the class schedule will be based on u.s. east coast time.

boarding families may report to campus in person this fall as planned, or elect to enroll in the rlo. your child's room will remain available should they wish to return to campus.
for families choosing the rlo, any return to on-campus attendance will occur, conditions permitting, at the beginning of the in-person winter term (january 5) or the in-person spring term, subject to quarantine protocol and approval of the medical director. all tuition rates remain the same as reflected in the enrollment agreements for the 2020-2021 school year.
families unable to enter the united states due to documented visa restrictions, and families with documented medical accommodations precluding attendance in person, should be in contact with the office of enrollment management at the email address below.

please direct any requests for the rlo or questions to

residential life

we will stagger move-in and orientation in an effort to reduce large gatherings. orientation activities will begin remotely, using zoom to build connections in houses and build relationships with advisors, as well as start our discussions of our summer reading and our training on cultural dexterity and anti-racist skills. this early work will focus on establishing our expectations for personal health, social distancing, and respect for all community members while at the same time building personal relationships for support, guidance, and mutual growth. we will continue and extend this work when together on campus.

dining services will meet all cdc and state guidelines for safety and accessibility, though we expect to use “grab ‘n go” service as we open campus and as we transition to our first days of in-person learning. given supply chain and other challenges, we may not be able to serve as broad a menu as we have come to expect on campus, but we will do our best to offer variety while maintaining quality. we will also work to meet everyone’s dietary needs, and if your child has specific dietary needs, please contact the dean of students office to discuss those needs.

additional housing provisions

the hilton garden inn (hgi) is located approximately one mile from the center of campus and will provide more than 100 student rooms to fifth formers. the school will provide transportation between the school and hgi.
hgi will be a mixed-gender residence with students and members of the lawrenceville faculty living on all three floors. there will also be a duty team assigned to hgi.
fifth form prefects will live in their circle, crescent, and lower houses.
some fourth formers will live in fifth form housing, but will retain their crescent/circle affiliations. day students will retain house affiliations. we are creating additional space outside the house to supplement or replace use of house common rooms for day students.


director of dining services gary giberson gives an overview of lawrenceville's grab and go dining process. from new entrances and exits, to sanitizing and social distancing, these guidelines will help lawrenceville community members enjoy a smooth dining experience.

academic calendar

Download the full Major events calendar >>

for information about the psat, sat, and act, please watch our august 21 webinar with a message from director of college counseling jeffrey durso-finley.

september 10

move-in date for student council, diversity council, honor council, and prefects

september 11 - 12

move-in date for international students, students arriving from hot spots states, and students arriving by airplan

Click here for a current list of Hot Spot states >

september 14

fall classes begin, and will be remote through september 30.
instruction will continue through the semester without a fall break.

september 25 - 26

move-in date for day students and students arriving from non-hot spot states

september 28

no classes – yom kippur

october 1

in-person classes begin

october 16 - 17

virtual parents’ weekend/conferences
students must remain on campus.

november 20 - 23

fall finals for one-term elective classes only

november 23

students depart for thanksgiving break. students not taking any one-term classes may depart on thursday, november 19.

december 7 - 22

winter term remote classes begin and will be conducted by zoom from home. students will return to campus january 5.

december 22 - january 5

winter break

january 5 - march 3

winter term continues; students with no finals may depart on saturday, february 27

decisions about whether winter term classes will be in person or remote will be made in the fall.

march 3 - march 23

spring break

march 23 - june 3

spring term

may 30


through house and harkness, lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.