missing the lawrenceville school dance collective? watch them perform here!

missing the lawrenceville school dance collective? wish you could re-live one of their premier performances? well, you can! please enjoy “on the move: an evening of repertoire,” recorded on november 9, 2019.
“one by one”
choreographer: derrick wilder (lawrenceville director of dance)
performers: yee xin cher, beata fylkner, ashley gelber, elizabeth pierre-louis
“pas de quatre”
choreographer: jules perrot
staged by: erika mero (lawrenceville ballet instructor)
performers: evelyn dugan katherine kiersted, isabelle lee, isabel sung
“shadow dance”
choreographer: calvin chen (in collaboration with derrick wilder)
performer: calvin chen
choreographers: evelyn dugan, isabelle lee, scarlet tapiero (in collaboration with derrick wilder)
performers: evelyn dugan, isabelle lee, scarlet tapiero
“night’s dream”
choreographer: derrick wilder
performers: yee xin cher, evelyn dugan, beata flykner, katherine kiersted, isabelle lee, elizabeth pierre-louis, isabel sung, scarlet tapiero

for additional information, please contact lisa m. gillard hanson, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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