Meet the 12 new startup graduates of IdeaSpace’s Accelerator Program


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For the participants of IdeaSpace’s 7th Demo Day held last October 22 at Whitespace Manila, the event was a conclusion that opens the door to a promising beginning.

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Airship Logistics: An end-to-end solution for courier companies to manage operations
Automart: An online car auction platform that ensures the best price for used vehicles
BukidFresh: A platform that provides customers with fresh, fair-trade greens from local farmers
Brooky: An AI-enabled marketing assistant for real estate developers and brokers
Cocotel: A hotel aggregator that also assists smaller chains in upscaling their services
Contrack: A platform that connects home and business owners to accredited local improvement services providers
DCLA: An end-to-end computer learning scheme for basic education
ExperiencePH: A community travel platform that offers themed and gamified experiences
IOL: A gamified e-learning platform for business education
Olivia: A gamified app for women to help track expenses and decide on the best investment options
Omnibus: A cloud-based platform to help legal practitioners manage their daily operations
Pandalivery: A food delivery solution designed for the Philippine market

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